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Makeup School Sydney, founded by renowned makeup artist Jay Rauwenhoff, embarked on a mission to provide aspiring students with top-notch education in professional makeup artistry. Recognizing the growing importance of digital platforms, the school quickly realized that embracing digitalization was not merely a choice but a crucial necessity. To kickstart their digital journey, the first step taken was to develop an interactive and responsive website, creating an online presence that attracted a larger pool of potential students. As an educational institution, managing vast amounts of student and course information can be a challenging task. To tackle this, our team at Makeup School Sydney implemented a user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS). This LMS serves as a comprehensive solution, streamlining the organization and delivery of learning content. By leveraging this system, the school can efficiently manage and administer the extensive range of educational materials, ensuring a smooth learning experience for students. Through the integration of digital solutions such as an interactive website and a robust LMS, Makeup School Sydney has successfully adapted to the digital landscape. This transformation has empowered the school to expand its reach, attract more students, and deliver high-quality education in the field of makeup artistry.


  • Digital Learning Solutions
  • Learning management system
  • CRM automation
  • Email marketing
  • Website Design and Development

Client's review

“The team carried out detailed research & an assessment before working on the proposal. This gave me the confidence that they were more capable than many others in his field. The team is approachable and gets the job done on time with the desired results.”

Jay Rauwenhoff

Founder and CEO, Makeup school Sydney

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