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Makeup School Sydney

Started by famous makeup artist Jay Rauwenhoff, Makeup school Sydney started with a vision to educate students who wanted to become professional makeup artists. Soon into the business she realised that going digital was not an option, but a necessity. The first step was to develop an interactive and responsive website which enabled them to attract more students. As an educational institute the most tedious task is to administer the huge information related to students and courses. Our team put together a very easy to use Learning management system which helped to organise the learning content. It also helped in tracking the learner’s progress and performance. Simultaneously, a Customer relationship management system was setup to automate the interactions done with the customers and track sales for the client. In terms of marketing emails were sent out regularly to the customers by following best practice by our email marketing team.
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  • Website Design and Development
  • Learning management system
  • CRM automation
  • Email marketing

Client's review

“The team carried out detailed research & an assessment before working on the proposal. This gave me the confidence that they were more capable than many others in his field. The team is approachable and gets the job done on time with the desired results.”

Jay Rauwenhoff

Founder and CEO, Makeup school Sydney

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