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Google Ads: Is it for my Business?

If you are a business which is struggling to grow and want to capitalise on the astronomical number of users in the digital world, there is no better place to start with Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords).
What is Google Ads?
According to Google itself “Google Ads is a platform where you can create online ads to reach people exactly when they’re interested in the products and services that you offer”. In simple terms it is a platform that lets you market your products or services without having to go out or put your advertisement physically.  
Why Google Ads?
The answer is not simple. Different businesses will have distinct goals. There are many factors that could attract you as a business owner. Here are the most imperative factors to start investing money in Google Ads.
  • Google’s Gigantic reach:
    The biggest reason is the number of people searching on google. For a simple query like “Restaurants near me” there are 5.2 billion results on google search engine.
  • Quicker results than SEO:
    The most popular websites still rely on search engine optimisation. The posts and pages on websites are all well-written with carefully researched keywords; but the reality is it takes months and years to rank the website on top. On the other hand, by running PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads can give you instant results. We have had a client who got his first job in less than 40 minutes. For more queries on how we can help your business CONTACT US
  • Builds Brand Awareness:
    If you are struggling to attract customers it is probably because people are not aware that you exist.
  • Start with any budget:
    When it comes to digital marketing, most businesses think that it is meant for large scale businesses with deep pockets. That is a very common misconception. Infact, small and medium sized businesses benefit the most from Google Ads.
As a business the question that arises in mind is “ Should I start doing Google Ads and is it worth”? If you were asking “Why Google Ads”, you should be asking “Why not”?
Let’s get one thing clear: “Marketing is not an expense it’s an investment”. The Google Ads network has helped businesses of every size and sector with different advertising goals. The reality is if you are still not doing it, you are missing out. Don’t miss this opportunity. Get in touch with one of our consultants to get a customised Google Ads Strategy.CONTACT US

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