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A social media strategy doesn’t just grow your fan base and likes but focuses on the business outcome your trying to achieve such as increase foot traffic at your shop, or at your website traffic. Increased engagement is more than a click on the ‘like’ button but rather getting them to spend more time on your page by commenting/co-creating content with you on your page. SEARCHBAR can use your social channels to influence your audience’s behaviour, manage your brand’s reputation, generate word-of-mouth, conduct market research, provide customer support, or simply listen to your target audience.

SEARCHBAR: Your Social Media Experts.

There’s a lot more to Social Media Marketing than meets the eye. Engaging posts/content at the right frequency and targeted advertising is simply the tip of the iceberg. Develop and implement a solid Social Media Strategy now, while your competitors simply ‘do social’, and take the cream of the crop.
The Social Media Strategy you need

OUR Social Media Marketing Strategy

For many Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are the internet. Tap into Social Media and harness the power of its increasing growth. Why not use Social media as part of your marketing mix. Our expertise can help you make the most of social media turning it into a very efficient form of your marketing spend.

We take an analytical investment approach to Social Media Marketing. We sift through megabytes of data to analyse trends that may influence your business and seek our opportunities for investment. Our social media strategy is made up of the following tiers:

  • Social Media Metrics
  • Social Media Tactics
  • Social Media Objective
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Strategy

Client's Review

I wanted a complete turnaround for my business but I didn’t know where to start. Searchbar said ‘we can accomplish that.’ And they did.”
-Martin Naebkhil
CEO, Hills Flooring

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