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What Services Do We Offer?

Digital Learning Solutions refer to a range of educational resources, tools, and platforms that leverage digital technologies to enhance the learning experience and deliver educational content. These solutions are designed to facilitate online learning, provide interactive and engaging materials, and support various modes of learning, such as e-learning, virtual classrooms, and blended learning approaches.

Our comprehensive digital learning solutions encompass a robust learning management system, engaging eLearning courses, and innovative gamification tools. These combined elements are designed to effectively engage users, support their performance and development, and ensure compliance across your entire organisation.

Full Range of Learning Solutions

Digital Learning Solutions can include:

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

These platforms serve as a centralised hub for organising and delivering online courses, managing learner progress, and assessing performance. Read more

E-Learning Content Development

Creation of multimedia-rich educational content, including interactive videos, simulations, quizzes, and assessments, to deliver engaging learning experiences.

Virtual Classrooms and Webinars

Video conferencing tools and collaboration platforms to facilitate real-time interaction between learners and instructors, enabling remote learning and live training sessions.

Student Management System

Delivering an exceptional student experience, seamless learning, and on-the-job training management with Axcelerate Student Management System

Mobile Learning Applications

Developing mobile apps that offer learning materials and resources accessible on smartphones and tablets, allowing learners to access content anytime, anywhere.

Adaptive Learning

Utilising artificial intelligence and data analytics to personalise learning experiences based on individual learner needs, preferences, and performance.

Application Integration (SAP Learning)

SAP Learning Solution is a robust learning management system that empowers organisations to deliver impactful learning experiences, drive employee development, and align learning initiatives with business goals.

Reporting Tool

Turn your data into immediate impact. Do more with less using an end-to-end MICROSOFT POWER BI platform to create a single source of truth, uncover more powerful insights, and translate them into impact.

Tailored Support Plan

By offering local support, face-to-face training, weekend support, or customised support, the goal is to provide a more personalised and comprehensive support experience to the Organisations.

case studies

Makeup School Sydney

Makeup School Sydney, founded by renowned makeup artist Jay Rauwenhoff, initially aimed to provide education for aspiring professional makeup artists. However, it quickly became apparent that embracing digital solutions was not just an option but a vital necessity. To begin this digital transformation, the first crucial step was the development of an interactive and responsive Web application, enabling them to attract a larger number of students.

As an educational institution, one of the most time-consuming tasks is managing extensive student and course information. To address this challenge, our team meticulously crafted a user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) that effectively organizes the learning content, simplifying the administrative process.

Australian business management

Australian Business Management (ABM) is a CRICOS approved registered training organization (RTO) dedicated to providing students with the highest quality education and guiding them towards successful careers. ABM recognised the importance of establishing a strong digital presence and partnered with Searchbar to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy.

The collaboration between ABM and Searchbar encompassed a wide range of services, including web development, social media management, CRM implementation, and Learning Management System (LMS) integration. Given the complexities of the education industry, our team meticulously adhered to industry guidelines while designing and creating the websites.

Our team successfully delivered a secure, mobile-responsive, and user-friendly website that effectively presents all the essential information for prospective customers. Recognising the need for regular customer interaction in the education sector, we devised social media strategies that heightened brand awareness across various channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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With 5 plus years of experience we are proud that we have helped businesses achieve an exponential digital growth.

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Driven by innovation and data , our web development agency is changing the way brands communicate with the audiences

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Over the past years, we managed to collaborate with companies representing a wide variety of sectors from retail e-commerce to mining

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Our team has helped local business in Australia achieve up to 15X Return on Investment (ROI) just through digital platforms

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