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what is a Conversion Rate Optimised Landing Page?

Why is the Bounce rate of my website so high? I get people online but they never convert? What am I doing wrong with my website? If you have been asking these questions to yourself, you have come to the right place. Your Website’s landing page is the most crucial part of your website as this is the first impression that your customer would get for your brand. A Conversion Rate Optimised (CRO) Landing page can help you convert site visitors into qualified leads. A CRO landing page becomes a must for businesses doing or planning to do Google Ads . A carefully designed Landing page increases the prospects at every step of the marketing funnel. Whether your aim is to reduce the bounce rate and convert customers to prospects , or to increase the conversion rate, a carefully designed landing page and strategy can accelerate business growth.

How can Searchbar help you?

  1.  We analyse the funnels and try to understand more about the client. We will talk about your strategic and marketing goals and KPIs.
  2. We will then develop a growth focused strategy. Every change we make during that process would be closely associated with increasing the conversion. At this step we will be doing A/B testing and try to figure out the best strategy that suits the business.
  3. We will Identify the factors contributing to growth with the help of data. At this stage we are confident about what is fueling the business growth. It’s time to repeat the process to maximise conversion goals.

Client's Review

I wanted a complete turnaround for my business but I didn’t know where to start. Searchbar said ‘we can accomplish that.’ And they did.”
-Martin Naebkhil
CEO, Hills Flooring

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